Pittie ‘freaks out’ when he notices his sibling in the car next to him

They may now live in separate homes, but they have the same sibling relationship.

The Pittie siblings include Lebowski, Girl, and Clifford. And their people met while waiting in line to adopt pitbulls.

Scarley, Jennifer, and Gabe Gieger welcomed Lebowski into their household when Scarley was four years old and Lebowski was ten weeks old. The two quickly became close buddies.

And who else became Scarley’s closest friend? Clifford and Girl Lebowski were present.They became close because all of the dogs, including their people, got together on a regular basis so the siblings could spend time together.

Every year, they celebrate their birthdays together.

Scarley is at the core of this sibling adoration.

It was a friendship that began when they adopted the pitties’ siblings. They made arrangements to get together with all of the dogs, and everyone had a great time. And they all assumed that was something they did on a daily basis.

The three of them, Lebowski, Clifford, and Girl, did get together at least once a year.
And they can’t get enough of each other while they’re together! They kept kissing one another and playing with each other the whole time.

Scarley has lived with the Pittie brothers and sisters since she was four years old. And the pitties treat her as if she were a person. They follow her everywhere she goes. They have fun with her. And they smother her with kisses.

Scarley is the ringmaster.
“It simply makes me happy when they come over and rush to me,” Scarley said. “It’s like, ‘Yes, all the love!'”

Every year on the pitties’ birthday, they gather at a nearby park.
They throw a celebration for the dogs, complete with party hats, balloons, and a special cake.

When their humans’ automobiles were driving close to one another, they went crazy when they spotted each other! They continued to growl and bark out the window. Lebowski couldn’t sit still and wanted to go over to his little brother.

Scarley would always bring them the cake, and they would wait patiently as everyone else sang. They won’t eat the cake until Scarlett says it’s acceptable. Their parents would giggle while they ate the cake.

But they didn’t seem to mind. They were just concerned about cake!

They’re also fantastic party goers, proudly sporting their costumes, party hats, and happy birthday crowns.

And, at the conclusion of the party, they’d collapse on the ground, weary from all the fun and in a food coma.

Scarley has come to adore Clifford and Girl, despite the fact that they do not live with them.
“His brothers… have a particular place in my heart.” Scarley said, “They’ve always been so sweet to me, and they’re so lovely and squishy.” “I’ll never forget all the moments we’ve shared together.”

Watch the video to see the great bond these pittie siblings share with their people.

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Pittie ‘freaks out’ when he notices his sibling in the car next to him
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