A dog was discovered tied up with a message stating that she “needed to be put down.” Look how things went

A left dog is receiving a second chance after being discovered with a letter from her previous owners stating that she should be put down.

On the morning of September 18, workers at the Greenville Humane Society in South Carolina saw a terrible sight.

Remy, a dog, was chained to a pole outside their adoption facility, with just a scrawled letter indicating that she had been abandoned there—and that her previous owners wanted her destroyed.

“My sister was unable to care for her in the manner that she required,” the message read. “She has ailments that I don’t think are curable.”

“She must be euthanized as soon as possible.”

Reading the message is painful. It’s likely that Remy’s family couldn’t meet her medical needs and decided that putting her to sleep was the best thing to do.

Still, leaving your pet in this manner, or deciding whether an animal has to be killed without seeing a veterinarian, is never a wise choice.

Although animal aba.n.donment is illegal, it is becoming more common, putting a strain on shelters around the world, according to the humane organization.

They said that they were “uncertain of the circumstances” of Remy’s aban.d.o.nment but that they were committed to providing her with the finest care possible.

They brought Remy in for a veterinary checkup and discovered that the dog had a grade six heart murmur, which is the most severe murmur that can be detected through the chest wall.

Despite the severity of the dog’s condition, the humane organization has pledged to provide Remy with all necessary medical attention. They say she’ll need an echocardiogram, and depending on the results, she may need surgery or a “lifelong pharmaceutical regimen.”

Of course, it will be expensive, and the Greenville Humane Society said that they have exhausted their “Hope Fund” and have appealed to their fans for contributions to assist Remy and other dogs like her.

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A dog was discovered tied up with a message stating that she “needed to be put down.” Look how things went
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