When a rescuer comes upon a dog buried up to her neck, she finds she is not alone…

Soner Büyümez, a veterinarian, was working on a faraway farm in Turkey when he heard a sound he couldn’t ignore. It seemed like a frantic request for help.

“I rushed to the spot,” Büyümez told The Dodo. “A big avalanche occurred. I saw a dog caught in the grass. “Only her head could be seen above the earth.”

The animal was in pain. But, as Büyümez would soon find, she was concerned with more than just her own survival.

“When I first saw her, it was pretty distressing,” Büyümez commented.

He understood he needed to take action. Büyümez instantly grabbed a shovel and started digging.

A second sound reached Büyümez’s ears as he removed the soil that had encased the dog. The sound was weak yet distinct.

“I heard the puppy whimpering,” Büyümez said. They were buried under the earth.

Büyümez started digging again to protect her babies as soon as the first dog was safely removed.

Thanks to Büyümez’s fast thinking, the furry family was now safe and sound.

According to Büyümez, the mother dog was a stray that lived alone in that barren environment. She and her children, however, will no longer be alone.

“Their general condition is outstanding.” Büyümez emphasized that the mother and pups are safe. I’ll treat them as if they’re my own.