The sweetest bulldog warms hearts by ‘protecting’ all of his younger siblings

Gunnar had been the ‘only kid’ in his family for many years. His parents treated the bulldog like a child and lavished attention on him.

But then Gunnar had to take on a new role—that of a big brother.

Of course, the dog was the first to learn of his mother’s pregnancy, and he spent the whole time with her.
He even sat on her belly and carefully awaited his baby brother’s movements. He was ecstatic to feel them, as if he was getting to know him.

When Wyatt came home as a newborn, Gunnar knew right away that he was a human baby who needed care, and he knew instinctively what he had to do to keep Wyatt safe.

Lachlan eventually joined them a few years later. When the second child arrived, the friendly bulldog knew precisely what to do.

He had to take on the role of big brother once again, this time as the one who is responsible for the baby’s well-being while mom and dad are not around.

“The first time Wyatt came home,” Samantha, their mother, said, “and the day we brought Lachlan home, he was like, ‘Oh, yes, those are my folks, too.'”

When mom and dad aren’t looking, Gunnar knows it’s his obligation to ensure the infants’ well-being.

Aside from caring for them, he also teaches his brothers. For example, he showed Wyatt how to ascend the stairs.

“There was Gunnar,” Samantha replied. “He was at the top, came down, and then stood behind [Wyatt] when he first mounted the steps.”

Of course, Gunnar isn’t the only one who loves and sacrifices for his brothers.

The lads adore him and want to do everything with him. They throw birthday parties for him and get pleased when he mimics their activities (such as hopping on dad’s lap or staring out the window next to them). They just love him.

The dog has a unique affinity with Wyatt, who was the first baby Gunnar identified as his brother. In the video that follows, the two can be seen doing a variety of things together, including painting, basketball, and taking a bath.

“[Gunnar’s] brothers adore his funny side the most,” mum Samantha says. “He enjoys swimming.” But since he’s so thick, he needs to wear a life vest. He’ll rush to the door if you say “pool.”

Gunnar’s family just welcomed their fourth new little brother into the family. And Gunnar is guarding him just as admirably as he guarded his other brothers. What a sweetie.

Check out the video below to learn more about Gunnar and his siblings!
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The sweetest bulldog warms hearts by ‘protecting’ all of his younger siblings
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