A dramatic video captures a moment as a large Bald Eagle snatches a dog off a porch. Here is what happens after…

A security camera filmed the terrifying moment a big bald eagle almost stole a little Yorkshire Terrier called Coco from a porch in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

Justin Dudoward shared the video on his Facebook page on June 19, and it has almost 300,000 views.

The 23-second video surprised viewers, but many were pleased to see Coco escape the eagle’s grasp and go back inside the home.

A security camera captured the moment a bald eagle took a tiny puppy from a porch and attempted to fly away with it. Here is a stock photo of a bald eagle.

Small dogs and pups, especially toy or tiny types, are among the most vulnerable to bird of prey attacks, according to The Spruce Pets.

According to the group, “Large raptors will commonly assault animals weighing up to 20 pounds as part of a hunt.” “Many birds of prey may attack bigger creatures, including people, if they believe their nest or young are in danger.”

The Spruce Pets suggested that owners remain outdoors with their pets and feed them inside to best safeguard them.

According to the publication, “The greatest thing a pet owner can do to protect their animals against bird assaults is to be aware of birds in the neighborhood.” “Avoid walking or exercising dogs in areas where raptors are known to nest or roost.”

Coco is seen on the porch in Dudoward’s video before the eagle swooped in and seized her. Coco’s screams could be heard as the bird soared away from the camera.

The little pup manages to escape the eagle and is seen racing hurriedly back inside the home.

Dudoward told USA Today’s For the Win that he did not witness Coco being grabbed by the eagle and just heard her scream.

He told Newsweek that there are a lot of eagles in the area, but they rarely fly into people’s yards.

Coco had a puncture wound and her bowel was also wounded, but she healed in three to four days at the veterinarian.

Dudoward claimed he saw her flee back inside, but it wasn’t until the next day that he witnessed what happened on film.

Viewers commented on Coco’s luck in the comments area.

“Glad your dog is OK,” a Facebook user said. “The incident most likely caused severe shock.” And to capture it on video? Amazing! ”

“So crazy and terrifying,” commented one Facebook user.

When Dudoward goes outdoors, he keeps Coco nearby and on a leash.

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A dramatic video captures a moment as a large Bald Eagle snatches a dog off a porch. Here is what happens after…
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