The animal shelter sent an emotional letter to the owner who left his pregnant dog…

A pregnant one-year-old pit bull and her pups are safe thanks to a good Samaritan who found the dog hiding in thorn bushes on the side of a road in Lemoore, California.

The woman couldn’t find the dog’s puppies at first, so she called the Kings SPCA Halfway Home for help. With the help of the mother, they were able to find the puppies hidden in the thick brush.

After everyone was safe, Kings SPCA Halfway Home told the story of how the family was saved and called out the cruel owner who had left the pregnant dog on the side of the road.

On Facebook, Kings SPCA Halfway Home stated:

To the owner of our newest member:

“We know you don’t care since you abandoned your pregnant one-year-old puppy out in the middle of nowhere.” We’re sure you don’t mind that she was assaulted by other animals while looking for food.

“We know you don’t care that she had to give birth among thorn bushes to keep her infants safe.” We’re sure you’ve forgotten the expression on her face as you drove away, dumping her like an old tire on the side of the road. ”

“We also realize that YOU are the reason we keep rescuing these incredible creatures. We know she’s full of love and compassion…love and kindness that you clearly don’t have! Your lack of sympathy for this lovely mother is terrible. She is not garbage. So don’t be concerned, you selfish, uncaring, lazy, and uneducated little brain. She doesn’t need your assistance.

She was thankfully sighted three days before we picked her up. She ultimately trusted Kelly Leavens-Tarlton, a lady who was visiting relatives nearby. “Momma was overflowing with milk, but there were no pups in sight.

“When I arrived, she was drinking up the attention from her new human companion.” We tied her up and watched videos of pups sobbing on YouTube. We were on the move when she leaped up. We made sure to tell her how awesome she was for being so brave out there. “Good Mother, let’s go locate the babies!”

“She drew Kelly towards a massive clump of twigs and bushes a ways down the road.” Kelly went over and under big branches while being stabbed and prodded from every direction until Momma got into a little deep hole in the bushes.

Kelly said, ‘We found them!’

“When we eventually got all the puppies in crates and loaded them and Momma into the vehicle, she laid her face next to the container, took a deep breath, and closed her beautiful eyes.”

“She could finally relax. She didn’t have to be concerned about herself or her puppies being assaulted. She didn’t have to worry about going hungry. She was safe with her children.

“Thank you to Kelly, who contacted us and waited with us until we could go out to where Momma was discovered. Most people would not leap headfirst into unfamiliar undergrowth after a dog, but one lady did not hesitate. ”

“It reminds me that there are still unselfish, caring individuals waging the same battle to preserve a life… or in this instance, a family.”

Mama and her puppies are doing well and are all in good health.

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The animal shelter sent an emotional letter to the owner who left his pregnant dog…
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