An injured stray dog comes into a vet clinic to seek assistance…

Life is difficult for stray animals. They must compete for food and fend for themselves. They have no place to live, no one to love and be loved by. And when they are injured, they must deal with the situation on their own.

The dog in this tale had similar issues, but happily, he knew just what to do to receive assistance.

This black dog was spotted a few days ago at Dyse Ferreir’s veterinary clinic in Cerá, Brazil. He was injured and had difficulty walking.

As shown on CCTV, the unfortunate dog made his way to the vet’s office on his own and waited patiently for the customers to go before hobbling in and softly settling down. He’s such a sweetheart.

Thankfully, the dog had discovered exactly what he was seeking: their assistance. When the vet saw the dog, she immediately welcomed him and examined his vitals.

Dyse also saw bloodstains on the floor, indicating that there was something more than the paw on the table. After a brief examination, the vet detected a tumor on his body, which seemed to be the consequence of a rough existence on the streets.

Fortunately, his illness was not life-threatening. All of his illnesses were treatable, and he healed in a few weeks.

However, this was not the only good news.

The video of the unusual ceremony drew a lot of attention on the internet, and people were quick to give him a new home. So the bad days have officially come to an end.

Dyse and her husband also revealed that they were getting calls from me. But the pair is not in a rush; they carefully evaluate each one to guarantee that the dog will be adopted by the ideal family.

Let us hope that he will have the wonderful future he has always desired! Best wishes, sweetheart!

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An injured stray dog comes into a vet clinic to seek assistance…
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