A man notices a puppy stuck in a car and risks arrest to rescue him. Look at how it all ends up

Remember when you asked your parents for a pet?

Some children grow up with pets, while others must wait until their parents believe they are ready.

Do you recall all of the lessons you learned about being a “responsible” pet owner?

It’s all about accountability.
When we decided to have a pet, people assumed we were responsible from a young age.

We should all know by now that when we travel with our dogs, we should never leave them in a hot car–even for “just a few minutes.”

If you must go, please leave the air conditioning on.

But there have been times when owners have come back to find their dogs in bad shape or dead because of the heat.

It’s sad that this continues to occur.
A good Samaritan shattered a vehicle door glass to rescue a terrified puppy from a hot automobile in a viral video.

The Good Samaritan risked getting jailed by doing so, but he couldn’t leave the puppy alone.

Not for another second.
It was a scorching day in Canada. It was about 90 degrees that day.

You wouldn’t survive more than a few minutes even if you were outdoors. So imagine Mark Lewis’s surprise when he saw a black BMW parked in bright sunshine with a puppy inside.

The trouble was that there were no windows open and the air conditioning had been turned off.

Inside the automobile, he was plainly being cooked, and Mark realized he just had a few minutes.

Even if it meant risking jail, he had no choice but to rescue the dog.

Mark understood what he had to do since the puppy was on the passenger side. He took a large rock, pointed it at the rear glass, and broke it.

The rock rebounded on his second attempt.

The window was still in good condition.
Mark succeeded on his third attempt, and he and another guy opened the window and retrieved Cotton.

There were others around, and as soon as Mark pulled Cotton out, the onlookers applauded.

Cotton had everyone scared.
Cotton felt drowsy and sweaty. His tail was wagging when they dragged him out of the heated vehicle in the video.

After giving the poor pup some water, it slept before returning to its former joyful and lively self.

In his Inside Edition interview, Mark Lewis left a brief but touching message for all dog owners.

“You really have to use your best judgment, and the owners of this dog in this automobile did not use their best judgment on that particular day.”

Cotton’s owner opted not to press charges against the man who rescued their dog.

However, according to the news story, they are now being investigated for animal mistreatment.

According to Today, the proprietors of Cotton and the police came fifty minutes later.

Fifty minutes is a significant amount of time. Can you imagine what would have occurred if Mark had not intervened to rescue Cotton?

Watch Mark’s bravery as he rescues Cotton in the video below!

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A man notices a puppy stuck in a car and risks arrest to rescue him. Look at how it all ends up
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