After the family moves away, the lonely senior dog is left to fend for himself on the streets..

The number of homeless dogs worldwide continues to rise, particularly in light of the global health crisis. Some individuals and families are compelled to leave their homes, aba.n.d.oning their animal friends, not because they want to, but because they have to.

This dog, on the other hand, had a tragic ending since his owners left him when they moved away. Not sure whether they’d return, this unfortunate pup opted to stay and wait for them to come and get him.

Sadly, it’s been almost a year since they departed, and this dog has been living on the streets, attempting to fend for himself.

If a homeless person is struggling to survive, imagine how much more difficult it must be for a dog. It must have been difficult for him to live alone and search for food on the streets every day.

Pumba is a senior dog that was ruthlessly left in his neighborhood by his owners when they moved away. The dog cautiously roams the streets and sometimes sleeps near his prior house in the hopes that his owners will return.

However, this had been going on for more than a year, with no indication of the owners’ returning to collect him. Fortunately, some kind neighbors began feeding the sad dog.

After getting a call from a concerned person, Hope for Paws learnt about Pumba’s situation.

Hope for Paws acted quickly when someone informed them about Pumba. HFP sent JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo to the site. Pumba was already sleeping on a patch of grass next to the road when they got to the place they were supposed to be.

They parked their automobile rather far away from Pumba, yet the dog still observed them getting out of the car. JoAnn and Lisa then put up an open cage to tempt Pumba with food inside as he left his location.

Pumba, on the other hand, was astute.
He’s been through a lot, and a flimsy cage didn’t deceive him.

Pumba returned to the same location, while Lisa and JoAnn waited in their vehicle. The dog was relieved to have food in front of him, but he was also aware that the rescuers were attempting to imprison him in that cage. Pumba was wise enough not to put his rear legs inside the cage while carefully grabbing the food inside. The rescuers had no option but to go out and capture the dog themselves.

Pumba quickly realized that the rescuers were coming to help him.
He was sure they didn’t want to hurt him and just wanted him off the streets.

The dog was still hungry, but he bolted the moment he saw the leash in their hands. The rescuers, however, would not let up easily and cautiously pursued him down the street. After some convincing, the dog eventually learned to trust them and readily snatched the food from their hands.

Lisa and JoAnn carefully tied Pumba’s leash and transported him to the backseat of their vehicle. Before being put in a foster home, Pumba was taken to the vet’s office to get treated.

He immediately expressed gratitude to his rescuers. Look at that grin! Isn’t he adorable?

Pumba was converted into a lovely puppy in an instant. The old dog loved the care he got from the doctors and nurses, as well as the foster home where he went.

Pumba was living with the other foster dogs, and it was obvious how content he was with his new home. Pumba will spend the rest of his life as a senior dog in a loving home, for which he is forever thankful.

Let this narrative serve as a wake-up call to all of us, particularly dog owners. Senior dogs, like Pumba, require the same love, care, and attention as any other dog. Actually, no dog deserves to live on the streets alone; they all deserve a forever family and a permanent home.

In the video below, you can see Pumba’s rescue story.

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After the family moves away, the lonely senior dog is left to fend for himself on the streets..
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