Police officer saw a 10-week-old dog laying by a box on the side of the road..Here is what he did

On a hot and beautiful day in Atlanta, Georgia, a deputy police officer named Earl Hanners came upon a little puppy in a cardboard box abandoned by the side of the road.

Earl didn’t realize it at the time, but this was the beginning of a very special friendship.

Earl initially saw the dog while investigating a nearby automobile accident. He was called again on his radio while he was on the scene.
Someone called to report they had discovered a cute little dog. It was just eleven weeks old and entirely self-sufficient.

“She was in a cardboard box that was sealed,” the deputy said to The Dodo. “A pedestrian spotted the package and stopped when he saw there was a dog inside.” So he opened the box, set it on the side, fetched some water for it, and phoned 911.”

Earl was still dealing with the aftermath of the automobile accident at the moment, so one of his coworkers went to meet the dog instead.
Of course, it was obvious that the small pup needed medical attention as well as human affection. Earl’s coworker quickly called animal control to help the dog, but Earl had not forgotten about what happened.

“I urged him… to abolish animal control,” Earl told The Dodo. “I’m going to take the puppy to the vet and get her checked out.”

Earl had a special bond with her and wanted to make sure the dog was in good health.

Obviously, the dog was in poor health and very dehydrated. It didn’t help that the temperature in the neighborhood had just risen significantly.

Earl named his companion Bridget and brought her home with him to ensure she had the care she deserved.

“I phoned my vet’s office and informed them what I had,” the guy recounts. “I gave her water and food and simply let her kick back, rest, and recover from the heat.” She drank three or four bowls of water and ate three or four bowls of food.

Earl had intended to care for Bridget until she was ready to be adopted by a new family, but he soon realized that he wanted to give Bridget a home of her own.

The deputy loves huge animals and often fosters pups for the Hounds In Pounds charity. Earl introduced Bridget to his other pets after ensuring that she was completely healthy.

Hanners said, “We just introduced her to the other dogs in the home last night.” “It just takes a day or two of observation and they fit perfectly in.”

Hanners and his family adore the small puppy, and she reciprocates:

“She simply likes cuddling,” Hanners said. She adores my children. She’s simply a really lovely and caring dog. ”

What a fantastic rescue tale, and we’re so delighted Bridget found her permanent home. She is deserving of everything.

Watch the video below to learn more about Bridget’s rescue!

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Police officer saw a 10-week-old dog laying by a box on the side of the road..Here is what he did
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