A 160-pound bullmastiff “attacks” his owner, who has returned from a trip

When Jason Floyd, a returning soldier from Greenville, Rhode Island, arrived at the airport and was greeted by a 170-pound bullmastiff, he probably didn’t expect to be knocked down.

Lisa, Jason’s mother, knew her son was coming home soon and wanted to do something special to surprise him.

The lovely large dog zooms in on Jason like a stealth missile the moment he spots him. Because he can’t control his emotions, the dog even splays atop the soldier at one point. He also leaps up to lick Jason’s chin and licks him all over his face. Luke can only touch his pal and grin as they are reunited after years apart.

It’s adorable to watch Jason (the father) enjoying the love fest and smiling as well. If he hasn’t been squashed like a pancake, he must be in excellent form!

Watch this beautiful homecoming reunion in the video below!

Make sure to see this touching homecoming reunion!