A man jumped into icy water to save a dog. Look what happened next(Video)

It is not always necessary for the right person to be in the right place at the right moment to uncover a real hero.

Last winter, Don Chatten was walking his two dogs through the ice and snow at Ellicott Creek Park’s Bark Park when his canines saw something floating in the water.

Chatten had brought his dogs to the Bark Park to let them run about and burn off some energy. He hadn’t anticipated anything out of the ordinary to happen on that frigid winter day, much less being left alone to save the life of a dog he’d never met before.

Chatten and his dogs crossed a bridge as they left the park. One of his dogs came to a halt and gazed down into the water. He didn’t give it much consideration since this dog may be silly at times. However, after crossing the bridge, both dogs were anxious about something in the water and returned their gaze to the bridge. They walked down the trail, and he was certain that his dogs had seen a duck in the water. Chatten got a closer look at what had caught the dogs’ interest since they kept glancing back.

Chatten then heard whimpering and discovered there was a little black puppy caught in the frigid water under the bridge. The owner of the frozen dog was up a steep hillside, attempting to phone 911 for assistance. Chatten realized he had to do something to help, so he released his own dogs and hurried to assist in the rescue of the frightened woman’s dog. Realizing there was no time to call 911, Chatten discarded his flannel and wallet and climbed down the slippery bank and into the waist-deep water, grabbing the dog.

Because he was acquainted with the stream, he understood how deep the water was.

He managed to climb back up the ice slope while holding the dog in his arms and with the assistance of the woman. He ran to his own vehicle to warm up after returning the shivering puppy to her. It was lovely to be able to assist and witness the thankful lady hold the small black puppy in her arms. Chatten was a real hero that day because he saved the life of a dog and helped a person who was in trouble. 

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A man jumped into icy water to save a dog. Look what happened next(Video)
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