Life Changing Surgery Changed Dog’s Life

Sam Houston College and the Texas State Stockade at Huntsville are both located in Hunstsville, Texas. A road across Interstate 45 will probably provide you with a view of a massive roadside statue of Sam Houston, as well as multiple warnings signs not to pick up hitchhikers who may be runaway prisoners.

St. Francis’ Angels, a regional rescue group, has been protecting stray animals from neighborhood streets for more than three decades. This is the story of one of their saves, whose situation broke the heart of co-founder Anne Graber.

This dog’s name was Bjarni. He was spotted wandering the streets in a very bad and painful situation. He was missing almost half of his nose. His lips and a piece of his face were absent. His teeth were irregular and out of place. The inadequate man can’t even take a breath or eat. We’ll never know what caused Bjarni’s injuries, but he was most likely severely attacked by another animal.

Despite the fact that the gang was able to find Bjarni’s family, they refused to take him back. Graber connected to her network of agencies and animal clinics, determined to make things better for the canine. When Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists agreed to provide surgical therapy on the horribly deformed face, she found the answer she was looking for. The gang used their Facebook page to raise money for the surgical therapy.

Dr. Jason Balara of Gulf Coastline Vet Experts completed a surgical treatment that significantly improved Bjarni’s quality of life. His face was corrected, allowing him to take a breath and eat normally once more. Despite the visible damage, Graber told the Huffington Post that Bjarni is a happy, loving pet dog.

” Energetic and appealing. He is unaware of  his disabilities and deformity.”

St. Francis’ Angels kept Bjarni in their care while he was receiving treatment. The procedure required the removal of the right upper dog, and everything went perfectly. Bjarni had to live an unusually passive lifestyle for about a week, just eating little, regular, soft foods to let the tissues   heal properly. Bjarni prepared to be on the ‘ready for adoption’ list after his recovery went well.

It took a little longer than expected, but Bjarni was finally adopted by a great family. They renamed him Hogan, and he seemed to be content with his lifestyle. He now has a dog sibling or sister thanks to two loving paw-parents. We’re overjoyed with this happy ending!

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