This First Dad and Daughter Bulldog Meeting Will Make You Laugh

Toser is a new father who has yet to meet his puppy. In the video below  Toser meets his daughter for the first time . And, like with many first impressions, things did not turn out as expected.

We witness Tosser, the father bulldog, awaken from his hard work, sleeping with his daughter puppy, whom he has never met before.

We can imagine his thoughts. “Zzz – what is it, the dream of eating big bones?” Puppy? HUH This is mine.

It smells like mine, therefore I’m better. So, what am I to do now? It’s the awkward situation between the two that makes it so entertaining.

Both of them continue to play their awkward game. It was funny to look at  the expression on the dog’s father’s face.

Obviously, it was also funny for the people who filmed it, because they laughed so hard at moments that  they couldn’t breathe.

When Dad has had enough of playing, a storm appears on the screen.


This is like any parent who wants to play with his daughter but has no idea how.

“I can’t play harsh with her since she’s a small girl.” Wait.

He is yelling at me. What should I do in this situation? I wish her mother was here right now to help me. I feel like a single father! I’m sorry, but this is my bone. She’ll have the same wrinkles as me, I’m afraid.

Thank God, I don’t have any bald genes in my family.

This father-daughter interaction will make you laugh out loud. Let’s hope things get better from here on out.’


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This First Dad and Daughter Bulldog Meeting Will Make You Laugh
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