Man strikes a cougar with a stick to save their beloved dog

You will never imagine  when a wild animal will atta.c.k. you or your pet. This is why so many dog lovers rush to save their lovable companions without hesitation. Although not every rescue attempt succeeds, Ian Orser of Grand Forks, British Columbia, was able to save his child’s dog from a cougar without receiving any injuries.

Looking back on the circumstances, Ian believes it was not the best move. The dog, though, may have been cougar meal if it hadn’t been for his unexpected courage and determination. As a result, his family now refers to him as a hero!

When the incident happened, Ian and his daughter, Megan, were on the work area. Ian is a plumber, and Megan’s 3 dogs accompanied him on his job. Ian and Megan were startled to hear yowling and howling outside, so Megan dashed outside to investigate.

Ian thought the dogs had started a fi.g.h.t at first. Ian’s heart dropped as Megan shrieked and exclaimed, “it’s a cougar!” He ran outdoors without hesitation since he knew his child and her pets were in trouble. A cougar was dragging Megan’s mixed-breed dog, Red, all across road when he arrived.

Ian’s only thought was to hit the cougar in the head. It let go of Red after he kicked it many times. However, the enormous cat refused to flee, so Ian appeared in scary and menacing way in order to scare the animal away.

“He didn’t assault me or anything, he just gazed at me.” “I took a wood and started to shake it about, thumping the ground, and trying to seem as huge as I could, and he strolled away,” Ian explained.

Ian and Megan jumped into the car with the dogs and drove their injured dog Red to the clinic once the cougar had backed off. As he drove away, Ian claimed he debated striking the cougar with his vehicle, but it bolted from the road before he could.

Red is safe and well, but the cuts on her back, breast, neck, and legs required roughly 20 stitches. She’s on medicines and antibiotics to help her recuperate, and she’s already starting to play with the other dogs to cheer herself up.

Megan stated, “My father is a hero.” “He saved the life of my puppy.” He’s a courageous man.”
Officers tracked down the cougar by following its footprints. They described the feline as an old, malnourished guy.

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