When a family was sitting with their dogs, they realized that one of them wasn’t their dog

When a brazen coyote vaulted her 6-foot privacy fence and invaded her house via the doggie door, a homeowner in Los Angeles’ Woodland Hills neighborhood unintentionally played foster mom to one more canine this week. Canine Rescue Connection was started by Julie Levine. It is a non-profit organization that helps find new homes for Beagles.

The coyote was seen on Levine’s Ring cameras darting inside the house in the middle of the night as she and the dogs slept.

“The dogs went nuts, and I told them this had occurred previously with a rat, so what else might be out there now?” Levine said.

Thankfully, the coyote had already departed by the time the dogs awoke and smelled it, so there was no physical encounter. Levine didn’t comprehend what had occurred until she checked her cameras to see what all the hoopla was about.

“I believe he walked down the corridor, realized what he was up against, and skedaddled out of there,” Levine added. “Then, since they are beagles, they have fantastic noses, and they went crazy, and that’s why I decided to peek at the security camera to see what all the fuss was about, and turns out, it was a really huge coyote.”

The predator was inside her house for around three minutes in total. This event occurs only days after a coyote mauled the dog of another household in the same area.

“When that occurred, the son discovered it and took the dog out of its jaws,” Levine said.

Coyotes seldom enter houses, although they have been known to hurt and even kill small pets discovered outside. While they seldom attack people, their habitat and food supplies are dwindling, making predators such as coyotes and mountain lions more desperate. In April, a coyote assaulted a youngster near the Huntington Beach Pier, leaving her with severe facial injuries.

“They’re obviously incredibly bold, going into the home as if they belong there… “We know they can climb fences, but we didn’t expect they’d get through the dog door and into the house,” Levine said.

Since then, Levine has blocked up her doggie entrance. She hopes that this occurrence serves as a wake-up call to other Los Angeles pet owners.

“They’re brave, they’re clever, they’re seeking food and water, and they could probably bring some pals back the next time,” she added.

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When a family was sitting with their dogs, they realized that one of them wasn’t their dog
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