After a Vet’s Examination, Molly Had to Have Her Both Eyes Removed

Thousands of Australians responded to a call for a blind American bulldog puppy to be rehomed.

RSPCA Victoria has been overwhelmed with applications to adopt four-month-old Molly, and they are unable to accept any more after her adoption post on Facebook received thousands of likes, comments, and shares. The adorable Molly had to have both of her eyes removed after a vet’s examination to prevent ongoing pain, according to the post.

Molly, a four-month-old American bulldog puppy who is entirely blind, has been rehomed by tens of thousands of Australians.

Molly has returned back with fervour and is now ready to find a new loving home,’ it stated.

‘Blind dogs are just like any other dog, and they compensate for their loss of sight powerfully.’

Molly is a cheerful, confident, and outgoing dog who will require particular attention and creative training.

The RSPCA Victoria was swamped with applications to adopt Molly, and they had to put a stop to it.

Molly’s new home will also need to be dog-proofed and have a constant furniture layout so she can learn to know her new surroundings and explore them easily.

Molly’s tale grabbed the hearts of tens of thousands of animal lovers across Australia, and the RSPCA Victoria received a rush of applications for the adorable dog.

‘Oh, my goodness, my heart crushed and melted all at once.’ Molly is really stunning. One commenter said, “I genuinely hope she gets to a house that will adore her and give her the bright future she deserves.”

RSPCA Victoria revealed on Facebook that after a vet’s examination, the beautiful Molly had to have both of her eyes removed to ease ongoing pain.

‘Oh, sweetie!’ says the narrator. What a strong and tenacious dog you are! I would offer my heart and house to you if I didn’t have a difficult dog! ‘Whoever is fortunate enough to become this lovely girl’s family, please adore her and provide her with the finest forever home possible!,’ added another.

The RSPCA Victoria notified in an updated article that they could no longer accept applications and thanks everyone who replied.

‘We’re sending along all of the loves and pats, and Molly is feeling very loved indeed!’ read the message.

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After a Vet’s Examination, Molly Had to Have Her Both Eyes Removed
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