Man Adopts 45 Dogs and Builds A Special Shelter For Them

A large number of dogs are without a forever home. They face each other, which is a sad reality. Rescuers save these dogs and place them in shelters, but there are so many of them in one area that it’s difficult for volunteers to provide them with the love and care they need.

Shelters can provide their basic requirements, but a loving home is a different.
Many people advise others to adopt these lovely pets for this reason. They require a loving family that will provide them with not just their basic necessities, but also the love and attention they deserve. There are several things that people can do to help dogs.


One man adopted 45 dogs.
Mark Starmer is a British Columbian who lives on a large and open property. His family adores dogs and has plenty of area for them to play. Mark adopted 45 dogs after seeing the hundreds of pets in the shelter.


Yes, Mark adopted 45 shelter dogs and one wolf.
Adopting 45 dogs in their house is a tremendous accomplishment for them. They built a four-acre enclosure for the dogs to walk around in to provide them a secure and comfortable environment. The dogs may freely roam the area without being enclosed in only one location.


Taking care of 45 dogs was a lot of effort, but it was a rewarding experience for Mark’s family.
They are committed to saving these shelter dogs’ lives and providing them with a home. That’s why they founded ‘The Some Dogs Are Angels’ organization. They’d work to connect shelter pets with rescuers or forever homes.

Mark went on to write a book called ‘Some Dogs Are Angels’ about his experiences.
The book and organizations are about “A TRUE story about dogs and a journey of spiritual discovery that follows the roller coaster adventure that results when a perfectly “normal” businessman discovers that he has the ability to hear and speak to angels,” according to their Facebook page.

It was incredible to see the dogs run around freely. Any dog owner may see and understand the happiness that these pets bring to their owners. They have a caring family who loves them and a place where they may play freely.
It may take a lot of food and a lot of time to feed them, but the main thing is that they are happy and loved.

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Man Adopts 45 Dogs and Builds A Special Shelter For Them
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