Four kind boys find a starving dog tied with elastic bands behind a home and rescue him

The urban cityscape of Detroit, Michigan is well-known for its art, culture, and architecture. The city is also noted for its inner-city youth initiatives, which aim to prevent young children from making poor choices. Four Detroit lads are being considered heroes after rescuing a dog entangled in bungee cords behind a house.

The four boys, siblings Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin, as well as their buddy Andrew, were assisting an elderly neighbor in relocating. They stumbled found something alarming while assisting the woman with her relocation.

They noticed a dog bungee-corded behind one of the houses.

The dog was terribly underweight and in poor health. Fortunately, the lads had arrived. The males acted immediately, releasing her from the bungee cords and wrapping her in a jacket to keep her warm. They then drove her home, intending to assist her in her recovery.

They gave her the name Sparkles and provided her with food and drink, as well as making her as comfortable as possible.
They even took her on a stroll the next day. They stumbled into personnel from the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue while doing so. The lads explained to the staff how they had discovered and cared for the dog.

It was fortunate that they’d run into members of the Detroit Pit Crew. Sparkles was brought to the veterinarian to be examined. Sparkles had clearly been in a bad condition , and his old owners , supposedly weren’t good with him.

Sparkles was examined and it was confirmed that he did not have mange. She just appeared that way because she was so skinny due to a lack of nourishment. This was great news for Sparkle since it meant she’d be adopted sooner than planned.

She was sent to a foster family located via another local group, Pet Tales Rescue, not long after the children had rescued her. Dogs are put in foster homes in order to prepare them for their new homes after they are adopted.

The Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue’s mission is to save stray dogs who reside on Detroit’s streets, particularly those who are sick, injured, or in trouble. Worried neighbors, different law enforcement agencies, and workers are among the sources of calls that the organization receives.

The four boys’ ordeal did not end with the rescue of Sparkles. They went on to rescue two other stray dogs.  The guys have shown to be great heroes and supporters of animals all throughout the world.

Watch the video below to see this touching rescue story.

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Four kind boys find a starving dog tied with elastic bands behind a home and rescue him
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