A dog was believed to be watching her owner’s grave, but there was something else

This is a story that will firmly grip your heartstrings. Make sure to watch the video all the way through. Dogs are magnificent creatures who never fail to melt our hearts!

A frightened German Shepherd was spotted circling a person’s grave at a cemetery in Belgrade, Serbia, for days on end. The worried dog had dug a hole under the burial mound and refused to move. Locals believed the devoted pup was mourning the d.e.a.t.h of her owner, but the truth was very different!

Trying to look after her newborn puppies. The burial hole was meant to be a temporary den for her four puppies to stay warm and secure throughout the severe winter. Even though she tried her best, the poor mom dog had a hard time feeding and raising her loving family.

Thankfully, Vesna Mihajoski, a pet rescuer, came to help. She saved the hungry and haggard puppies from their de.a.t.h and took them to a shelter. The mom dog was thrilled to have a proper roof over her head and a comfortable bed for each of her darling puppies.

After obtaining the required medical attention and good food, the beautiful doggy family rapidly began to thrive at the shelter!

esna’s efforts have made the exhausted and anxious mom dog happy and relaxed. The puppies quickly exhibited their clownish, fun-loving personalities. What started out as a disaster turned out to be a beautiful little miracle made possible by the mother dog’s love for her puppies.

Make sure you watch the video below for the touching conclusion!

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A dog was believed to be watching her owner’s grave, but there was something else
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