This is Lizzy, The Tallest FemaIe Dog in The WorId

Meet Lizzy, an eight-year-old Great Dane from Florida who reaches 37.96 in (96.41 cm) height at the time of the video. She is the world’s tallest female dog, according to Guinness World Records. Greg Sample, the dog’s owner, claims she’s been this tall since she was three years old. Because there wasn’t a dog measuring tool big enough for her, he’d have to use a miniature pony measuring tool!

Although Lizzy is the tallest female dog , she’s not at all threatening. She’s a laid-back and peaceful dog. Her feeding bowl has to be kept on a chair since she’s so tall. Because she causes such a mess, her water dish is kept in the garage. Lizzy’s owner says that her large paws made her clumsy as a puppy. But she’s finally grown into them, thank goodness!


Lizzy is the center of attention wherever she goes.

People like to come to see and take a photo of the star dog!

And you thought you had a big dog… Whoa!


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This is Lizzy, The Tallest FemaIe Dog in The WorId
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