The desperate cry of an elephant mother leads rescuers to her stranded baby

Elephants are regarded to be very smart and gregarious animals. When it comes to their kids, these gorgeous birds are inherently overly protective and will go to any length to defend them.

The mom of an elephant calf who had been trapped in a concrete hole in Thailand was trying all she could to liberate her child. However, she is unable to do it on her own and seeks help in the face of impending danger to her child. The elephant’s calls for help garnered a large gathering of observers. They quickly realized that the gigantic elephant was attempting to communicate with them in some manner.

Youtube/ The DoDo

Things went from bad to worse when the elephant mom came too close to an electric fence. After she passed out, others hurried to turn off the power and aid her. At that time, they only had a vague idea of what the elephant’s objectives were. When the elephant woke up, she led the rescuers to where her child was being held captive.

Youtube/ The DoDo

The terrified calf had been drowning in a small hole packed with mud for many hours. As a consequence, the rescuers had to move immediately, which was not easy. The baby elephant got afraid and exhausted, and things swiftly deteriorated. The rescue team had to carefully dig around the hole so they wouldn’t hurt the weak calf.

The crew has arrived to free the trapped baby elephant, and mom is on hand to keep an eye on things. Despite his exhaustion, the small one manages to drag himself out of the hole.He was still perplexed after being rescued since he couldn’t see his mom, but as soon as he spotted her, he went to her. He was relieved to know he was safe again!

The incredible rescue may be viewed here:

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The desperate cry of an elephant mother leads rescuers to her stranded baby
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