Overworked and tormented for 70 years, a blind elephant sobs tears of relief as rescuers transfer her to a secure park…

Sook Jai, an elephant, was overworked and slogged by her caretakers her whole life. She was subjected to a.b.u.se and inhuman treatment for seven decades before being rescued and given the opportunity to spend the remainder of her life in peace.

The elephant has been exploited for begging in the streets and even traveling as a tourist elephant at the age of 73. She had entirely lost her sight and most of her hearing by the time she was rescued. “Sook Jai’s existence is much the same as any imprisoned elephant’s, performing many various professions over the course of their lives, some more onerous than others, all an insult to their dignity,” Elephant News noted in the video’s description on YouTube. “Sook Jai’s life has passed through the hands of many men. She bounced from job to job and location to location, working nonstop until she collapsed. ”

When rescuers learned about her, they decided to save her from the torture and relocate her to the Elephant Nature Park, which would become her new home. When they came to remove her, she was in an extremely horrible state, with several wounds.

“She was in extremely terrible health with a lot of wounds on her head and body since she was handled with aggression each time,” the Elephant Nature Park website said in 2017. “On the 24th of January, a rescue team from Elephant Nature Park went to pick her up from a site near Kanchanaburi province in west Thailand.”

The elephant’s rescuers did all they could to make her comfortable throughout the 20-hour trek to the Elephant Nature Park. According to the website, “On the trip, she appeared quite hungry but refused to eat anything since the tension was too great.” “She arrived in the park after a 20-hour trek and took her first step toward the refuge. Sook Jai said, “It was a breeze to get off the truck and into her new home.”

Despite being ancient, blind, and partly deaf, Sook Jai could feel she was in her new quarters, and the rescuers noticed tears running down the elephant’s face. Elephant News said on YouTube, “Sook Jai stretched up her trunk to scent her new home, sending deep rumbles out across the field, tears flowing down her cheeks.” “She now has a calm existence. We hope that love will be a light for her life, even though her eyes are weak and her hearing is poor. ”

People who witnessed the footage of her rescue were touched and pleased for Sook Jai. “I burst into tears when I saw her crying and waving her trunk. She is aware that she is suddenly free. Please preserve and rescue more elephants. We can do it together. ” Yuhong Cui commented, while Denise Lancaster said, “Absolutely amazing to see her finally saved.” Maybe the time she has left compensates for her difficult life of labor and harshness. Thank you to everyone that helped her. ”

After decades of being treated as nothing more than a source of work, Sook Jai has found a home where she may relax and recuperate her energies. Her inability to see and hear fully did not prevent her from exploring the park, wallowing in the mud pit, and doing activities that elephants like. The little moments of delight were fulfilling not just for herself, but for everyone who had worked hard to bring her to a supportive environment. Sook Jai got a lot of attention from everyone around her, and Elephant Nature Park published photos of her having a great time.

“Sook Jai, our recently rescued elephant, explores her new home and she learns so fast,” Elephant Nature Park wrote on Facebook. Even though she is totally blind and cannot hear well, she knows where the mud pit is and she can get scratched on her back with the wooden bar easily. We are so proud of her strong spirit and would love to see her enjoy the rest of her life at our park happily. “

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Overworked and tormented for 70 years, a blind elephant sobs tears of relief as rescuers transfer her to a secure park…
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