So heartbreaking! The wild elephant thanks the rescuer for breaking down the pond wall to rescue him

When an elephant got entangled in a pond, it required rescue.

Four elephants fell into the pond, prompting anxious bystanders to notify wildlife officials. When the authorities came, just one elephant remained in the pond and was trying to flee.

A rescuer blows apart a pond’s border to let a wild elephant escape. One of the officials came up with a plan to break a part of the wall, which let some of the water out. 

It looked to be just what the creature needed to save itself.

As it escaped from the car, the elephant kept turning to face us, as if to thank us for rescuing it.

It gazed at them for two minutes before turning and returning to its surroundings. Only 300 Asian elephants remain in the wild today, and this all happened in China. Because Asian elephants are endangered, this rescue was critical.