Former circus elephants separated for 22 years reunite for the first time-and their emotions are quite touching

People may argue otherwise, but I believe that at this point, one must recognize that all animals have sentiments. Some more than others, yes, but we can’t just call all the animals on this planet beasts. Those days are long gone.

Animals are capable of love and pain, fear and delight, and photographs or films will sometimes catch moments when they genuinely demonstrate how in-tune they are.

One such moment occurred as a result of a story that swiftly grabbed international notice. It’s about two former circus elephants that were separated for an astounding 22 years. The tragic moment they reconnected was captured on video, and it’s not something you want to miss.

The film was shot at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where we witness Shirley and Jenny, two elephants, meet for the first time in almost two decades. We all know that elephants have very good memories, but the amount of love and kindness shown here is truly amazing.

Even the caretakers are taken away when the two elephants rediscover a connection they had as circus animals.

Shirley and Jenny recognize each other instantly as they go through the gates, and they lose no time in bridging a gap of more than twenty years.

View the incredible footage in the video below: