After 3 Long Years, The Dog and Dad are Back Together Again


When Mike’s dog, Jack, disappeared, he never gave up faith that he’d find him. Even three years later.¬† He did everything he could, seeking and putting up posters at all hours of the day and night. But it was quite difficult for him. “I haven’t been the same since I lost him,” Mike confessed.


“We did everything together, like I’d bring him to work half the time, and he was always there when I went fishing.” We simply did everything as a team. Whatever I was doing, he was there.” Then, one day, Mike received a call from an animal hospital , asking whether he had a dog named Jack.

Mike realized it was him after confirming the dog’s distinctive features of a brown patch in one eye and a fully black nail on the front paw. He was overjoyed.

Jack was overjoyed to see his father again after being discovered on the side of a road almost 500 miles away. And you won’t want to miss their reunion.