An Old Lady Obsessed with ‘Bambi’ Recieves a Special Visit Before Her Dead


This beautiful woman was obsessed with ‘Bambi’, so she recieves special visit before her dead.

So, dying woman just had a very special visit from her beloved animal.

Lisa McDonald and her sister have been taking care of their sick mother, who is currently receiving palliative care. They were seeking for ways to make her final days special, and their mother’s lifetime passion with the classic Disney picture Bambi served as inspiration.

Lisa posted in the Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic, “She has Bambi figurines everywhere, and she is wearing a Bambi T-shirt in her bed.” “My sister and I, as well as the rest of our supportive family, are wearing Bambi T-shirts… we’ve called them our nursing uniforms.”

As the mother’s condition worsened, the family decided to surprise her with a visit from a real-life Bambi – a deer!

The old woman was overjoyed and surprised when the deer entered the room.

The deer, named “Bambi,” was obtained from a petting farm run by Chris and Simone. The couple orphaned the deer and raised her by hand.

Lisa says that they paid a special visit, going two hours from Melbourne “out of pure love and kindness” to bring the deer-obsessed old lady some joy.

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for everything they have done for my mother and family,” Lisa wrote.

The deer’s visit was well worth it: the mother gently touched the real-life Bambi from her bed, creating a memorable, emotional experience.

The importance of Bambi and deer in this woman’s life is apparent, and the visit was undoubtedly a pleasure of her final days.


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An Old Lady Obsessed with ‘Bambi’ Recieves a Special Visit Before Her Dead
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