Farmer brings home a “kitten” and is about to adopt her when it turns out that she is not an ordinary kitten

Elber Guzman, a Colombian farmer, saw a small kitten on the roadside and felt he should save her life.

She seemed to be a homeless kitten that had been left or separated from her family.
Guzman carried the kitty home, but soon realized that this “kitten” was not behaving like a typical house cat. Elber suspected that anything was wrong, so he contacted his region’s environmental authority.

Elber’s saved kitten turned out to be a newborn cougar, not a cat! Because the cat was so small, it really did resemble a cat, which led Elber to believe that.

They decided to pick up the cougar and give her a vet inspection before transporting her to their rescue center, where she would be properly cared for.

More on the story may be seen in the video below: