Woman in grief for her family almost runs over a stray “vampire cat,” which changes her life

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a campy vampire tale that will send chills up your spine.

This isn’t your typical Twilight or True Blood vampire, but rather a furry, kitten variety!

People’s superstitions tend to come out in full force at this time of year. One of the most well-known is that crossing the path of a black cat will bring you bad luck.

If you ask Nicole Rienzie about her “vampire” cat, she’ll undoubtedly tell you that he was just what she needed to change her fortunes.

Nicole had just lost both her father and her closest friend, and as you might guess, it was the saddest period of her life.

She never imagined she’d be able to conquer her despair until a small black floof leapt in front of her automobile.

He was coated in fleas and his “eyes were so infected he couldn’t see,” according to the scrappy kitty.

There was something about him that tormented and fascinated her from the start.
“We snatched him up and brought him home, cleaned him up, fed him, and that’s pretty much where it all started,” she said to The Dodo.

Nicole first intended to call him Sergio, but that name didn’t last long. Because of his chaotic behavior and proclivity for swinging on objects, she dubbed him Monkey, or Monk, for short.

Monk, it turned out, was not your typical cat. When his adult canine teeth began to appear, they virtually didn’t stop!

He looks precisely like a hybrid between a sabertooth and a black panther if they were domesticated house cats.

“He’s got incredibly long fangs.” He resembles a little vampire. ”
They’re around three-quarters of an inch long, or about twice the length of a typical cat.


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Nicole has been accused of photoshopping Monk’s fangs to resemble a vampire’s toothy smile, but this is just not true.

“His teeth are bigger than most cats with long fangs, but [the doctor] stated it occasionally occurs, but there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Monk got so famous among his friends and family that she began updating his status on social media.

“People stop and snap photographs, but they don’t say anything because they’re so taken by his teeth.” It’s amusing when they’re dumbfounded. ”
Monk now has a black-furred rescue sibling called Bean, who is equally lovely. You can follow the two as they get into mischief on their Instagram feed.

At one of her worst times, Nicole needed a lot of emotional healing, and a charming floof gave her exactly what she needed.

To learn more about this vampire cat’s tale, watch the video below.
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Woman in grief for her family almost runs over a stray “vampire cat,” which changes her life
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