Meet the gorgeous blue British shorthair cat, the cat world’s teddy bear

It’s easy to see why these kittys can’t be ignored.

They are stunning cats with a distinct look.

The size of this British cat is medium.

Their lifetime ranges from 14 to 20 years. They achieve their peak physical size at about three years of age.

This cat likes to spend most of its time on the floor. They are not especially adept at climbing.

They do not harm anybody. They get along well with all other types of pets. They do not like snuggling.

They would rather be in charge of their own lives.

They do, however, appreciate the excellent people around them.

They, too, want attention and care, but only when they desire it. These are very unique and rare species.

This hue looks great on them. Their eyes are breathtaking. It is not difficult to care for these cats since they typically live on their own.