The cat refused to accept the baby into the family. What the hidden camera revealed days later shocked the parents

The owners were handed this mature cat.

The couple got him from an animal shelter. The cat, who had been ignored, loved, and cared for before, eventually found them.

But just for now, till the baby arrives in the family.

As a consequence, Sunny, the red cat, lost both sleep and calm.

The father was plainly indifferent to the infant, and the family put a concealed camera in the kid’s room to make sure the cat didn’t damage the youngster.

And the next morning, they rushed to check what was there and were astounded to discover what the cat was up to while the rest of the family slept.

The infant woke up in the middle of the night but did not scream, and the cat quickly heard her and rushed up to her.

The cat sat down next to him and started to warm the infant.

The infant, who was about to scream, quickly calmed down and proceeded to sleep peacefully.

Sunny slept next to the infant for four hours before appearing to the owners the next morning, displaying the same indifference, ostentation, and deliberateness.

Sunny had a history of not showing how much she cared about other people, which was made worse as a child by jealousy and a sense of ownership.

However, as it turned out, the cat was highly loving and kind.