After a rocky start, a kitten born without eyes has a happy ending…Click below to learn more about Hope the cat

Welcome to Hope! Hope was just 4 months old when she was rescued from a parking lot in Burlington, Canada, together with her mother and sibling.

The stray kitten had a minimal chance of survival since she was born absolutely blind with two small, non-functional eyes. Microphthalmia is the medical term for this disorder.

Shortly after she arrived at the Burlington Humane Society, the charity started fundraising for surgery to remove her eyes, which were causing her suffering.

Her tale moved many in the community, and money poured in. Katelyn, a little girl, requested that her friends give to Hope’s fund instead of giving her gifts for her birthday.

Several weeks later, they had gathered enough money for Hope to have surgery, which was a success. The next stage is to find her a permanent home.

She would need a particular family to care for her specific requirements, but she didn’t have to wait long to find a loving home. She was adopted a few weeks after her operation.

She spent her first day at home exploring and “claiming her seat on the sofa.”

Hope’s tale is a lovely reminder that no matter what the circumstances of the present are, there is always hope for a better future. “Hope is proof of that.”

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