Dog Sits Alone At The Bus Stop Every Day And Weeps

Bal Bal the dog is a regular sight at a South Korean rural bus station. Commuters expect to find him waiting by the roadside, staring at passing buses as though seeking for someone special. However, he is filled with fear every time someone boards a bus other than the one he is looking for. He’s been coming here all day, rain or shine, but as the person he expects doesn’t show up, his eyes fill up with tears. This is the story of Bal Bal.

Bal Bal’s actions are really a daily routine to greet his old caretaker grandma, whom he adores and worships with all of his heart, who arrives by bus. It all started when Grandma discovered Bal Bal after he was hit by a car. Grandma didn’t give up on him and nursed him back to life when he had no movement and was on the edge of death.

Bal Bal turned into his savior’s loyal defender after overcoming a trauma, staying at her side like glue at all times. He refused to leave Grandma’s lonely home and promised to care for her when no one else could. He’d go crazy if she was out of his sight and wouldn’t stop weeping until he was cuddled again.

Bal Bal’s gratitude for Grandma may be shown in the way he follows her around. He has an ethereal affection for her. She hates seeing him wait for the bus since there are so many dangerous areas where he may be wounded. When she travels, she tries to keep him calm by putting him in the greenhouse, but Bal Bal simply rips open the plastic and follows her.

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Dog Sits Alone At The Bus Stop Every Day And Weeps
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