Everyone at The Airport Stopped When the Service Dog Lay Down and Started Crying


Despite the controversies surrounding service animals, many still like seeing a Labrador Retriever that has been trained to assist them.

Passengers at Tampa International Airport were stunned to see that an assistance dog had gotten through the security gate.
However, when the Labrador Retriever lay down and began to weep, it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for all observers.

Suddenly, the dog was unable to walk! And it wasn’t because of an illness, as everyone assumed, but because of a miraculous turn of events. The dog was expecting a child.

Eleanor Rigby, a lovely Lab, got pregnant just as her owner was ready to board a plane. Her dog, on the other hand, was ready to give birth in a couple of days. Diane Van Ater,  had not expected to give birth to her dog while boarding a plane at the gate.


And it’s not something you’ll see every day, especially at the airport.

Fortunately, he wasn’t the only dog companion for the pregnant mother, since his wife, elderly Nugget, was also present.

Eleanor Rigby gave free lessons on the glories of life to everyone in Gate F80. And there was a lot of experience to be gained when eight lovely puppies arrived at the same time.

Passengers put down their books and phones to watch nature spread before them at the gate. “I was here with five pups,” one of the passengers told Fox News 13.

It may be found on Instagram. “We get a lot of likes.”

The rescuers were recognized for their efforts by having all of the puppies named after them.


“Of course they have our names!” said paramedic Natalie Brown. Natalie, of course, is the final one; it’s a girl!” Larry Glanton, her coworker, added, “And number two is Larry.”

Despite missing their flight, the delighted family made it back to Philadelphia on time.


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Everyone at The Airport Stopped When the Service Dog Lay Down and Started Crying
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