The Dog That Spent The Rest of Her Life Chained Could Finally Be a Puppy


Violet the dog was discovered in December 2016 on a seemingly abandoned farm.

A woman driving by noticed her and many other dogs locked up with extremely thick metal chains that were not only preventing the dogs from moving, but also harming them.



Violet was around 2 years old when she was discovered, and Angela Stell, the founder and director of NMDOG, believes she had been chained her entire life.

Violet and the other five dogs were discovered in a residence in New Mexico, where it is illegal to keep pets chained while they are not under human control.


They asked  the regional county security agency to visit the property in order to find the owner, but it appeared that the dog had been abandoned.

NMDOG took them all, including Violet, and the road to recovery started.


“She was terrified, and she’s still a little shy,” Stell stated.

Violet might need to experience some abuse. as a result of her actions.