Four Dogs Block traffic and Drivers Realize That Something Has Happened


People in Lanzhou, Central China, witnessed a heartbreaking scene when they noticed a group of street dogs around their dog companion after it was struck by a car in the middle of the road.
The dogs caused a traffic jam by forcing motorists to go past them as they kept guard over their friend.

The wise band of dogs is only trying to protect their friend from additional harm caused by passing motorists.

Their “leader,” as it were, hugs the dog in the hopes of reviving him.

The dogs quickly realize that their friend has passed away, which is heartbreaking.
They say their final goodbyes by staying by his side a little longer, knowing the poor dog is no longer with them.

An eyewitness told Mirror that the dogs didn’t appear to realize their friend had died, and that they waited for him to get up and start walking again.

These dogs had formed a group as strays, looking for one another.
These dogs usually spend a lot of time together in search of food, shelter, protection, and company.

Like in the movie Oliver and Company, a homeless dog perceives the pack to be his family, and being a part of it provides the stray canines a greater chance of survival.

It’s easy to imagine how devoted and loyal these dogs are to one another.
As they lived on the streets, they must have shared many joyful and terrible moments with each other.

We can’t deny that they had a particular relationship since it’s painfully clear in how they support their friend even after he’s passed across the rainbow bridge.

It’s easy to understand why people grieve when someone they care about passes away. When dogs, like any other animal, are grieving, they have their own distinct manner of reacting.


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Four Dogs Block traffic and Drivers Realize That Something Has Happened
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