Husky Meets his 9 Puppies for The First Time

We’ve all witnessed it, whether in films or in reality. However, we seldom get to observe the dad dog connect with his offspring. In the video below, a Siberian Husky called Dash plays for the first time with his nine six-week-old puppies — and it’s the sweetest thing ever!

He goes around and seems indifferent at first, while the puppies run around and play together. But suddenly Dash appears out of nowhere and starts playing with them. He yells and runs around the room like a crazy, begging his babies to play with him. Kitana, their mother, wanders about quietly, keeping an eye on them.

The puppies eventually take a break from playing with their hyperactive dad to sip some milk from their mother. While spending time with Dash is enjoyable, they know where to go for the good stuff!

Dash might be the dad, but it almost seems like he’s the tenth puppy!

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