Two Dogs Become ‘Bodyguard’ to a Three-Year-Old Boy with Autism Who Went Missing

A dog’s loyalty and bravery never fails to touch our hearts. When a 3-year-old autistic kid went missing on a Wednesday morning in Florida, his parents were terrified, but a miracle happened with the help of their dogs.

Marshal, a three-year-old child from Ponce De Leon, Florida  has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and is unable to communicate.
Marshal suddenly disappeared one day, and he was just wearing a diaper.

Marshal’s parents became concerned and panicked, so they phoned the local police station for help in finding their missing son.

Marshal’s parents found that their two dogs, Nala and Buckwheat, had disappeared as well.

A Walton County Sheriff’s Office officer collaborated with relatives, friends, and neighbors to search for Marshal in the forest-surrounded Ponce De Leon area.

After Marshal’s disappearance, a search goal was set. If the tiny kid isn’t found by that time, the consequence might be catastrophic.
Marshal’s autism condition worsens the situation, which makes everyone nervous.

Marshal and the two dogs were not expected to return safely after such a long period. One of Marshal’s neighbors noticed him strolling with a shocked expression on his face and the two dogs following him.

Marshal’s two dogs are like bodyguards, always protecting their small master.

A kid wearing just a disposable diaper and two dogs emerged from the woods unharmed. Their bodies were covered with mud, but they were otherwise uninjured.

Marshal’s parents were happy to see their son return to the safe, which was well-guarded by Nala and Buckwheat, two of the greatest furry defenders.

Marshal’s mother believed that he may have gotten out of the home on his own and wandered into the woods, where the two dogs pursued him and defended him the entire time.

When Marshal was discovered, there was no sign of fear on his face, and he was delighted that everyone had arrived. They were there, he thought, to play with him.

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Two Dogs Become ‘Bodyguard’ to a Three-Year-Old Boy with Autism Who Went Missing
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