The Stray Dog Approaches the Girl Lying on the Ground

Bear, the dog’s nickname, was starving and alone.  The terrified dog did not abandon anyone.
“We tried for an hour to get him to eat, but we didn’t get very far,” Amanda stated. So they came up with a new plan.
He was faking an injury on the ground to test how the Bear would respond. He’d pay attentively for a while, but then he’d lose interest.

“I shrugged and stopped moving when he became uncomfortable.” The following hour went by slowly as we got closer to the Bear.

Until now, Dylan had stood on the opposite side of the road, warning oncoming traffic that his insane girlfriend lay on the side of the road, “do not strike me.”

Amanda stated, “I finally stood right near to the Bear.”

“He barked a little, so I started barking and yawning, which is a soothing signal, and I got closer and closer till I calmed down against the small teddy bear,” she said.

Amazing! Amanda was cuddled by the dog, who remained nearby to warm up.
The bear appeared hungry, with exposed bones and ribs. They had, however, won his faith.

“That’s when he decided he didn’t want to walk again,” he explained.
“I had to take him everywhere starting at 9 p.m. I had to take him up, get him into a truck, and then embrace him till we were to the vet.

They treated the bear, who weighed 57 pounds, for skin and ear infections. The next step will be to find his owners.

Amanda Dylan performed an incredible job of patiently executing a project that took hours to complete. They’ve never given up, and their tale is well worth hearing.

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The Stray Dog Approaches the Girl Lying on the Ground
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