Dog Found and Rescued Baby Dolphin

“I was taking pictures of the spectacular landscapes when I heard my dog barking at me from down the beach… This man  said in a YouTube video, “Clearly she had discovered something!”

He realized Leia had discovered a stranded baby dolphin (or was it a baby porpoise?) on the sand as he approached. This good samaritan carefully pushed the child back into the waves while videotaping the rescue.

“I waited at the spot for a long after that to make sure he didn’t come back.” When I received a signal, I called the coastguard, who transmitted it to the science team. “I believe the little one got lucky because there was no one nearby for kilometers,” the hero said on YouTube.

He named the baby dolphin Buddy and snapped a photo of him once he was safely back in the water.

Of course, the real hero of the day was Leia, who noticed another animal in need and called her owner. “If it hadn’t been for my dog barking at me, I would have missed him as well,” he said on YouTube.

You are real heroes!

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