Ferret and the German Shepherd Became Best friends and Now they Spend all Their time Together

Diana Grib, a Vilnius native, has always wanted a wide range of pets. The girl didn’t want to be a part of any hostile alliances that would put the animals in danger.
Diana decided to get a dog and a ferret after doing much study, as evidenced by their friendship.

Nova, a German shepherd, was the first guest to her house. During Nova’s training, Diana introduced her to different animals, ranging from parrots to cats, which helped her learn tolerance. The domestic ferret was next: they usually grow alongside dogs in shelters, so all the girl had to do was choose the cutest one.

The ferret, Pacco, had arrived from Kraków. The first meeting was a complete success. Nova became charmed by the guest and followed him throughout the new house, completely oblivious to the neighbor.

According to Diana, Pacco ignored the puppy for two days until “the fun began.”

Both animals are dynamic and interested. They go on walks, play games, and even sleep together.

“Because they are so similar, I sometimes get the sense that there are two dogs living here,” Diana Grib says. Nova, on the other hand, plays a minor role in their relationship; instead, the ferret is the main character.

During the games, Pacco managed to leave a scar on the shepherd’s face, but she looked undisturbed. The shepherd dog treats the baby with extreme gentleness and never loses sight of or cares for him.