Meet Zonkey, a Stunningly Cute Foal of a Zebra Mom and a Donkey Dad

Hybrid creatures are fascinating. They get their father’s and mother’s greatest physical characteristics. You can tell who these cute animals’ parents are just by looking at them.

A good example is this extraordinarily uncommon baby zonkey. A zebra mother and a donkey father gave birth to the adorable newborn animal. Some of the photographs became popular after being posted on the internet. People can’t get enough of it since it’s so adorable.

The baby zonkey, like its mother, has stripes all over its legs. However, the adorable little creature is dressed in the same coat as its dad. These features work together to make the zonkey stand out in the wild.

The small foal and its mother were discovered in a woman’s cattle herd near Tsavo East National Park. The plan was for the zebra to “leave” the park and join the herd. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenyan group that rescues and rehabilitates animals, then transported it to the Chyulu National Park.

The zebra mother coupled with a donkey and gave birth to “zonkey,” the cutest-ever foul.

“Our fence maintenance staff caught a sight of the zebra with a little foal on her side earlier this year,” the group wrote. “At first, we assumed it was just wallowing in the mud, but then we realized the truth: our renegade zebra had given birth to a zonkey!”

The zonkey is an extremely rare hybrid. People can’t take their gaze away from this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind creature.

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Meet Zonkey, a Stunningly Cute Foal of a Zebra Mom and a Donkey Dad
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