Cat KNOCKS on the Door and Patiently Waits for Owner to Open(VIDEO)

Sheekilah Jones was waiting for her transport to office when a weird noise began to vibrate across the quiet early morning streets, with no obvious source.

“I did hear knocking,” Jones told The Dodo. “However, no one was in the neighborhood.”

As she studied her surroundings, Jones’ attention was pulled to this:


Jones observed a black cat standing at the top on handrail on a neighboring patio near the entryway. It didn’t take long for it to become clear.

As Jones stood there watching, the cat stretched up and swatted at the doorknob, signifying that he’d want to be let in.

Jones stated, “I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.”

She took notes on the bizarre occurrence in case anyone else didn’t believe her:

The kitten had obviously found a more effective means of calling his owner than the modest pattering of his paws against the door. Jones had to go before the cat’s desire could be fulfilled.

“I was tempted to go knock a bit harder for him,” she added, “but my bus came around.” “I got on the bus at that point, still in amazement.”

Jones’ video has already went viral on social media, with millions of views in only a few days, demonstrating that a lovely cat is always welcome in the hearts of the internet. If he knocks, this is especially true.

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Cat KNOCKS on the Door and Patiently Waits for Owner to Open(VIDEO)
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