Rare brown Siberian Husky with Gorgeous Blue eyes Becomes Popular

Dogs come in a variety of attractive breeds. Huskies, on the other hand, have even more stunning distinctions. At first sight, this stunning Siberian husky will steal your heart.

This social media sensation is a rare brown Husky. On Instagram, he has over 114 thousand people that have followed his page. Se Quoi or Quoi is the name of the dog. Nicky, his owner, explained that the inspiration for his name came from a sequoia tree.

She stated that she want for his name to be as large, tall, and powerful as a sequoia tree.

He is a Husky with bright blue eyes and chocolate fur, and he is 100% Husky! Nicky claims that as a result of this, he is frequently in the spotlight.

Brown Huskies are incredibly rare, which is why he is so well-known among dog fans. It comes as no surprise that such a stunning dog attracts a lot of attention everywhere he goes. Petting him is a popular pastime.

Strangers frequently inquire, “Who is he?” according to Nicky. Nobody believes her when she says it’s a Siberian husky. It is AKC registered and 100% Siberian husky!
Nicky says that she wanted to adopt a completely different dog until she met Quoi.

Quoi, she claims, was not the dog she was searching for, but he was precisely what she needed. She is completely devoted to him.

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Rare brown Siberian Husky with Gorgeous Blue eyes Becomes Popular
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