This Cute Seal Makes Friends with everyone Who Visits the Beach

Seals are extremely social and amiable creatures who rapidly make friends with humans. Making friends with the individuals in her environment makes an extroverted seal very happy.

We’d like to introduce you to Sammy, a charming seal that has arrived to surprise and amuse everyone.

Sammy is now living on Weymouth Beach in Dorset, which is located in the south-west of England.

This lovely seal began visiting the beach during his confinement, and it looks that he has found his perfect position to fish, enjoy the sand, and soak up the sun.

His lonely days are gone, however, since many of Covid-19’s limitations have been removed, enabling people to return to the beach and discover a delightful surprise: a cheerful seal who, rather from being disturbed by tourists, is ready to make friends with everyone on the beach.

Will Badman was among many who visited Weymouth Beach in the hopes of sighting Sammy, the beautiful seal.

“Getting up at 4 a.m. to try to see Sammy at dawn is well worth it; it’s fantastic for creeping up on people and startling them; it’s a pretty edgy little creature,” Will commented.

Several images of the smiling woman interacting with all the tourists were uploaded on the photographer’s Facebook page.

As seen by his constant posing and smiling, he adores being in front of the camera. This is what Will had to say about it:

Despite the fact that this adorable seal is quite sociable, Will chose to photograph her with his long lens in order to avoid disturbing her. Despite keeping a safe distance, Sammy was aware that she was being photographed and enjoyed the experience. She made hilarious postures at times and played hide and seek at others; the overall result of the session was pretty humorous and lovely.

In recent days, Sammy has become something of a local celebrity, therefore a team of volunteers has formed to ensure his safety. The correct course of action is to avoid forming a relationship with the seal and to leave it alone.

Tourists must learn to enjoy their presence from a distance and with respect, rather than intruding on their personal space.

“Please keep your distance if Sammy is on the beach and allow her to rest and sunbathe; there is a fantastic group of volunteers that stroll the beach and protect Sammy,” Will said.

This cute seal likes being the center of attention, but only when she wants to be. It’s impossible to resist such admiration, but keep in mind that this is still a wild animal.

“It was incredible to witness since it’s something we don’t see very frequently in our part of the country.” Will said, “I travelled an hour to watch it, and it was definitely worth it.”

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This Cute Seal Makes Friends with everyone Who Visits the Beach
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