Russian photographer captures a multicolored f.ig.h.t between two elephants

These elephants with various colors were captured in the midst of a multicolored f.i.g.h.t.

While exploring the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, Sergey Savvi, 38, a wildlife photographer from Russia, captured the elephants.

PIC BY Sergey Savvi

According to a photographer- they were  competing over dominance, females, and territory. One of them had a different color because of a bath in red mud.

“Bulls frequently measure one other’s capabilities through sparring or play-fi.g..h..ting,” he explained. These two males were most likely from different herds.

PIC BY Sergey Savvi

“It was obvious they had spent the day in different places since their colors were varied.

“The dark-colored elephant had bathed in red mud, which elephants do to protect their skin from the sun, insects, and parasites.

“It was a fun scene to document.

PIC BY Sergey Savvi

“I enjoy seeing nature in action and animals behaving naturally, so I was delighted to observe this.”