This Dog Was Trapped In Barn Stall For 7 Years, Now He Can’t Stop Smiling

Since Lazarus was a puppy,  a seven-year-old Great Pyrenees, has not left this barn stall. Fortunately, Lazarus’ life was saved thanks to a call from a concerned dog lover.You can’t imagine the dirt in which this dog lived, and no words can describe the misery.A good Samaritan was taken aback when he was asked to feed Lazarus after his owner became critically sick.

The man asked help from his girlfriend, a skilled dog groomer. “I had to shovel faeces to even be able to open the door to get him out,” the lady, identified only as C., said when she arrived. A huge, matted, mud and feces-covered dog stood behind the door, virtually unrecognizable as a household pet. Lazarus seems to have had no one care for him throughout his entire life.

The guy who owned him just dropped food and water over the door to him.
Despite the fact that Lazarus had lived his whole life in these conditions, C. recognized that a rescue would be a better fit for the dog than his irresponsible owner. As a result, she vowed to do whatever she could to assist him

C. and another groomer called Jessica promised to look after Lazarus until he could be rescued. The dog’s owner, who was physically unable to continue “caring for” him, surrendered him without a struggle.

According to Lazarus’ foster mom, it “takes a community” to save this puppy from his dreadful circumstances. When Big Fluffy Dog Rescue heard about Lazarus, they jumped at the chance to help.

When Big Fluffy Dog Rescue received Lazarus, they immediately requested the assistance of C. and Jessica for grooming. Many new dog owners are unaware that Great Pyrenees need to be groomed often to avoid matting. Lazarus had never been groomed in the previous seven years.

The dog had developed a patch of hair so thick and matted that he had to be completely shaved, much to the despair of everyone concerned in Lazarus’s rescue.

It’s incredible what they left behind when they were finished!

The dog’s hair was shaved down to about 35 pounds.
Like a sheep, Lazarus had to be sheered. Traditional herd guardian dogs, Great Pyrenees have evolved through time to resemble sheep to unwary predators. Unfortunately, Lazarus’ former owner didn’t understand his grooming requirements – or any requirements, for that matter – and the dog ended up looking more sheep than dog.

The mass of hair and matts weighed nearly 35 pounds after being sheered, accounting for a fourth of Lazarus’s total weight.

Lazarus was obviously apprehensive at first, but as the clippers were removed from his neck, he relaxed.

After being chained for so long, Lazarus had to “learn how to walk again.”
Lazarus seems to have a strange new sense of freedom after his haircut. Despite the fact that he didn’t instantly leap about like a puppy, his rescuers could tell he was lighter — at least 35 pounds lighter!

Lazarus was afraid of everything he came across, many of which he was encountering for the first time. Lazarus, according to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue’s Facebook post, was subjected to solitary confinement unlike any other dog they had ever encountered.

This dog had never walked on grass or seen the sky before the image was shot.

After some hesitant introductions, this large man warmed up to his rescuers. He was suspicious of human contact and frightened by all the attention, but he grew to accept affection. Of course, there will be treats!

He didn’t appear to like being touched by humans, but he didn’t seem to be used to it. He warmed up to us in no time. Especially after you’ve given them treats!
With Amanda Charsha-Lindsey, he had his first freedom ride home.

After a few days, Lazarus realized that these unusual new humans were there to look after him and would not hurt him. The genuine Pyrenees shone through at that point!

Underneath all that fur was a lovely, loving, smiling youngster who only wanted to share his joy with the rest of the world. He was prepared to offer these committed warriors a shot at friendship despite the fact that he was old, neglected, and had never known human kindness.
Now he can’t stop smiling!

Lazarus is currently in foster care, and will remain there for months, or even years, until he is ready to find his forever home. Until then, he is in the capable and caring hands of his foster mom, Amanda Charsha-Lindsey.

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This Dog Was Trapped In Barn Stall For 7 Years, Now He Can’t Stop Smiling
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