A missing cat returns home, dragging his back legs. Here is the reason

A woman lets her cat go out every evening. This evening, something strange happened after the cat came back from outside. After a wander all around the neighborhood, the lovely cat returns home, but it hasn’t been seen since that night.

The woman searched the area for the missing cat but couldn’t find it. Imagine her amazement when Alex returned, dragging his legs behind him, four days later.

Amber Smith took Alex in when he was just 7 weeks old. The kitten very quickly became a member of their household. When Alex disappeared, she was devastated. She started looking for him with his boyfriend.

But they couldn’t find him.

Amber’s boyfriend was getting prepared to step on their 12-year-old Labrador four days later. While he was getting ready, he looked out the window and saw Alex walking on his front legs!

Shocked, he carefully picked up the cat and put it on the sofa.

It seemed that the cat was completely unconcerned. He must have dragged himself a long way because the fur on his rear legs was scratched. He was extremely weak and had trouble controlling his bladder. The cat ate and then slept off, clearly weary.

They brought him to the clinic in the morning. They were shocked when they found out that a b.u.l.l.et had stuck in the cat’s spine! The only alternative was to remove the bullet, but the surgery and recovery time would have been extremely expensive.

Due to a lack of financial resources, Amber elected to e.u.t.h.anize the cat. She sat for hours, caressing his fur and connecting with her pet. Later that night, Alex was e.u.t.hanized and buried in a neighboring yard.

Police are looking into this strange case but haven’t found any leads yet. Amber is baffled as to why Alex, who was so pleasant and lovely, would be hurt.

She and her partner are offering a monetary prize to anyone who can help them find the off.e.n.der. We hope that this odd case is solved quickly so Amber and her family may continue their normal lives.

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A missing cat returns home, dragging his back legs. Here is the reason
The dog was set to be put down, but the vet changed his mind at the last minute