Abandoned Dog Sleeps On Snow For Days Until a Tourist Spots Her

This dog was found abandoned in front of a hotel, in a mountain pass in Northern Romania. With temperatures dropping to minus 20°C (-4°F), Indy slept outside. And when there was a bit of sun, she would curl up on the snow and just sleep there. The owner of the hotel kept chasing her away, fearing that she would scare the tourists and he instructed his employees to not give her any food.

A dog, subsequently named Indy, was discovered abandoned in front of a hotel in a Romanian mountain pass. Fearing that the unfortunate dog might scare people away, the hotel owner repeatedly chased Indy away. The business owner even told his staff not to feed Indy. Luckily, one of the tourists noticed the dog and offered to help her.

The people who abandoned her thought that she would find a refuge or be adopted or rescued by some of the hotel staff. Abandoning her, on the other hand, should have never been an option. Even the temperature had fell to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This made living outside in the open more challenging for the dog.

The tourists continued to feed Indy on a daily basis, even bringing a crate and a warm blanket to keep her warm on the cold nights. Unfortunately, because he already had adopted pets, the caring guy was unable to accept her. He was convinced, however, that he would not leave the resort until he had developed a plan to save Indy.

Then he contacted a number of rescue organizations, and Indy was soon placed in the care of “Howl of a Dog.” Indy was discovered at a mountain resort more than 300 miles distant. However, a generous visitor offered to transport Indy all the way to the shelter volunteers. His vacation had turned into a rescue operation. Despite his friendliness, Indy was apprehensive to enter the crate.

The tourist eventually persuaded her into entering inside the crate . This was most likely her first nap in a warm environment in a long time. When Indy arrived at the shelter, the workers searched her for a microchip, but she didn’t have one. Indy was thought to be roughly 5 years old, but her front teeth were nearly pulled out like those of a dog twice her age.


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Abandoned Dog Sleeps On Snow For Days Until a Tourist Spots Her
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