This Pitbull’s Maternity photoshoot Melted our Hearts

Animals who have been rescued are really lovely. The only thing they’re missing is a chance. They aren’t given enough opportunities to reveal who they truly are.

The same thing occurred to this Pitbull mother. No one could have predicted that she would be that photogenic. She looked like a true Diva in her parental photographs.

The story goes like this. Mama Pickles was found abandoned on the streets by rescuers. At that, the dog was 2 years old and heavily pregnant. The staff at Animal Control took the dog to the shelter and managed to contact her owners. But owners told that they don’t need Pickles which was very heartbreaking.

The shelter was not having the required treatment and the care that pitbull might be given after the delivery. So the Pits & Giggles Rescue which is a nonprofit organization came forward to help the dog. The organization specializes in caring for pregnant dogs and their puppies.

Lauren Casteen Sykes, a volunteer with Pits & Giggles, states that the organization’s aim is to rescue and care for moms. They save pregnant or nursing moms and offer them with the protection and attention they deserve while they grow their puppies.

Photographing is an important component of their adoption process since it provides them with the visibility they require. As a result, Lauren, a photographer, was enlisted to capture the images of a proud would-be mother in order to preserve those priceless moments.’

Lauren knew she had to take the maternity photograph as soon as Pickles arrived, and Mama Pickles stole the show with her posing. Lauren described her as looking like a model. Despite the fact that her legs were too short for the catwalk, she enjoyed the attention and care she received. Pickles was excited with enthusiasm for the photo session.

Pickles’ behavior was the most enjoyable aspect of the picture; she was wagging her tail and seemed quite happy.

It was time for another photograph after Mama Pickles gave birth to eight puppies. Mama Pickles appeared to be more pleased this time. According to her caretakers, she was a wonderful mother who loved and cared for her babies.

Mama Pickles had been used to breed several times, and they stated this would be her final child. She and her puppies would be staying at the rescue facility for the time being.

Mama Pickles and her puppies are in desperate need of a nice forever home.

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This Pitbull’s Maternity photoshoot Melted our Hearts
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